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Meetings - Fourth Symposium
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The fourth Symposium of the Fleet Study Group was held on the 9th November 2000 at the Portland Heights Hotel, Portland, Dorset,UK. Eighty five people attended. The title of the symposium was:

Chesil Bank and the Fleet Lagoon 2000 AD - Past, Present and Future Perspectives

Unfortunately the proceedings of the symposium did not get published so the written version of most of the papers are no longer available. The programme for the presentations was:

Seaward,D. Introduction

Green, E. The Ilchester Estates and conservation of the Fleet

Copley,V. Conservation management of the Fleet Lagoon

Bruce,A., Horne,D.J. & Whittaker,J.E. Ostracoda as a tool for the assessment and monitoring of the aquatic environment of the Fleet on seasonal, decadal and millenial timwscales.

Dyrynda,P.E.J. Recent ecological changes within the Fleet Lagoon: natural vs anthropogenic influences.

Johnstone,C. Water quality in the Fleet Lagoon.

Pooley,M.R. Potential use of aerial surveys techniques to survey vegetation in the Chesil and Fleet European marine site.

Martin,A. & Carvalho,L. Lamprothamnium papulosum - comparative records from the Fleet and other UK coastal lagoons.

Porter,J. & Dyrnda,P.E.J. Challenges associated with defining lagoonal biodiversity, illustrated by a Fleet population of the bryozoan Alcyonidium

Saunders-Davies,T. The ecology of the rotifera of the Fleet

Sheader,M. Pearson,C,V,M, & Rogers,A.D. The current status of the starlet anemone, Nematostella vestensis, in the UK.

Bamber,R. Sheader,M. & Evans,N. A re-evaluation of the status of the lagoon sand worm in the Fleet and Solent lagoons.

Moxom,D. & Columbé,S. Breeding of common and little terns on Chesil Bank, Dorset.

Perrins,C. & Wheeler,D. A 25 year study of the mute swan population on the Fleet.

In addition to the presented papers there was also a number of posters:

Bray,M. & Doe,R. West Dorset Coastal Research Group

Bruce,A., Horne,D.J. & Whittaker,J.E. Living marine brackish and freshwater ostracods.

Bunker,F. Saline lagoon underwater video.

Coombs,T. & Coombs,I. Breeding bird survey - Abbotsbury SY5783

Doe,R. Historical vulnerabilities of Chesil Bank.

Eden,S. The dormouse and the Chesil Bank.

Gilliland,P., Rees,S. Biodiversity Action Plan: shingle and saline lagoons.

Hales,S. Bird recording at Abbotsbury

Harland,E.J. The Chesil Multimedia Project: Initial results and lessons for the future.

Harland,E. & Moxom,D. The Chesil Multi-Media Project: Project aims and equipment.

Hunisett,J. & Hallett,D.E.W. Strandline invertebrates of the Fleet shoreline

John,E. Factors triggering summer dinoflagellate blooms within the upper Fleet Lagoon.

LePard,G. Archaeology in the Fleet

Moxom,D. Ilchester Estates and the Fleet