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The 125th Meeting of the Fleet Study Group

The 125th meeting of the Fleet Study Group was held on 16th March 2019 at the Ilchester Estates office in Abbotsbury. The purpose of the meeting was to review the group activities over the last ten years and also look at present and future problems that Chesil Beach and the Fleet Lagoon may face. The papers presented are listed below. The complete publication can be downloaded by clicking here.

Papers presented at the 125th meeting

Introduction. Ed Harland. Chairman of the Fleet Study Group.

The Fleet Study Group; The last ten years. Ed Harland & Jon Bass.

Chesil Beach and the Fleet Nature Reserve and Abbotsbury Swannery. Charles Wheeler.

Natural England: A marine perspective of our past, present and future work on and around Chesil & the Fleet. Maxine Chavner.

UAV (drone) surveys of seagrass habitats in the Fleet Lagoon. Matt Doggett & Lin Baldock.

Bird ringing and moth trapping on the West Fleet. Steve Hales.

The little tern project. John Dadds.

Bryophytes and small mammals of the Chesil Beach. Jonathan Cox.

Storms on Chesil Beach. Don Moxom.

Portland Port. Frank Cox.

Geology of the Fleet and Chesil Beach. Alan Holiday.

Future of the Fleet Study Group. Open group discussion.