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Meetings- Second Symposium
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The Biology of the Fleet

Proceedings of the second symposium of the Fleet Study Group


Ladle,M.(Ed.). 1986. The Biology of the Fleet. Proc of a special meeting of the Fleet Study Group, Held Abbotsbury, Dorset, 27th October 1984. pp28, ISBN 0-85216-393-2.

Although this book is out of print, the contents list is reproduced here and individual papers can be downloaded by clicking 'download' against each paper.


Green, E.W.S. Opening remarks. download (340 kB)

Seaward, D.R. Ferrybridge reconstruction in relation to marine fauna. download (370 kB)

Holmes, N.T.H. Distribution of Zostera and Ruppia in the Fleet. download (520 kB)

Humphrey, E.C. A survey of the meioforna of the Fleet. download (1 MB)

Dyrynda,P. Subtidal communities within the Outer Fleet and Portland Harbour.

download (2.6 MB)

Thompson, T.E., & Seaward, D.R. Observations on the opisthobranch mollusc Akera bullata in the Fleet, Dorset. download (1.4 MB)

Ladle,M. The fishes of the Fleet with particular reference to the young stages of the bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.). download (1 MB)

List of publications relating to the Fleet. download (1.3 MB)

Cover of meeting report

Introduction to the book

M. Ladle

In the first account of "The Fleet and Chesil Beach" published in 1981 many aspects of the physical character of the beach and lagoon were described in detail. Since that time the Fleet Study Group has continued with its policy of encouraging research and archiving information relevant to the Fleet and its surroundings. In October 1984 a meeting was held at which recent or current research topics were described and discussed by scientists. This publication is essentially a record of that meeting.

Understandably the scope of the present publication is less extensive than that of the 1981 account but a number of topics are discussed in depth and much new information is included; notably accounts of the distribution of the meiofauna, of subtidal communities, of a distinct form of the gastropod Akera bullata and of the Fleet as a "fish nursery" area.

In conclusion, the reference lists at the end of this volume incorporate a full account of all the reprints and documents, referring to the Fleet, which have been acquired by the Fleet Study Group during the 10 years of its existence.

Together with the 1981 report the present collection of papers gives a broad coverage of most aspects of the ecology of the Fleet lagoon.

The complete proceedings can be downloaded as an indexed pdf file by clicking here. This is a large document (8.9 MB).