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Group members produced a series of posters to support the public meeting and also to be available for display as a standalone exhibition.They were first shown during the public meeting held at Willowbed Hall, Chickerell, on Monday 15th November 2010 and later went on display at the Mulberry Gallery of Weymouth Library for the week 22-27th November 2010.

The posters covered a range of aspects of Chesil Beach, The Fleet and Portland Harbour. They are listed here and you can download a pdf file of each poster by clicking on the title. The posters are all copyright of the authors but you may use them for non-commercial, educational, academic and personal use only. Note that only posters where the author has agreed to made the content available can be downloaded.

The posters

The Fleet Study Group. Ed Harland, Chairman, Fleet Study Group.

Chesil Bank and the Fleet Nature Reserve. Don Moxom, Warden of the Fleet

Chesil Bank and the Fleet Lagoon Designations. Don Moxom, Fleet Warden.

Abbotsbury Swannery. Don Moxom, Fleet Warden.

The ornithological importance of the Fleet and Chesil Bank. Don Moxom, Fleet warden

Fishing activity. Don Moxom, Fleet Warden

Fleet fish. Jon Bass, Fleet Study Group

The flora of Chesil Beach. Jonathan Cox, Natural England

The specialist fauna and flora of the Fleet Lagoon. Lin Baldock, Fleet Study Group.

Strandlines. Steve Trewella, UK Coastal Wildlife Photography

Fossils of the Fleet. Stephen Feist, Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (CEFAS), John Dadds, CB&FNR.

Working boats of the Fleet. David Carter, Weymouth LUNAR Society

Shipwrecks on Chesil Beach. Gordon Le Pard, Dorset County Council

Military use of Chesil Beach and the Fleet. Gordon Le Pard, Dorset County Council

Archaeology of the Fleet. Gordon Le Pard, Dorset County Council

Geology. John Dadds, Chesil Bank and the Fleet Nature Reserve

Portland Port. Sandie Wilson, Portland Port Ltd

Historic use of the Mere area of Portland harbour: a photographic record from 1900 to present from old postcards. Sandie Wilson & Emma Perrin, Portland Port Ltd

The Fleet Hinterland. Don Moxom, Fleet Warden

Storms on Chesil Beach. Ed Harland, Fleet Study Group.