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Meetings - Minutes
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The meetings of the Group are listed in sub-pages at 25 to a page. Hover over the ‘Minutes’ tab in the navigation table and then select the required page to see the list of meetings. If the minutes of that meeting are available there will be a ‘Y’ in the minutes column and it will be highlighted. Clicking on that link will download a PDF of the meetings minutes.

Presentations made at the meetings are not generally available for copyright reasons. If a presenter has specifically asked for a presentation to be made available and there are no copyright issues associated with the presentation content then these will be attached to the end of the minutes.

The minutes of some of the early meetings have been lost so there are gaps in the information. The minutes for meetings before the 100th are still being checked and digitised and will be made available as soon as the work is completed. Those still being digitised are shown as ‘NYD’.

The locations shown in the tables are:

Abbotsbury Office: The Abbotsbury Offices of the Ilchester Estates

Little Bredy cafe: The cafe at the Little Bredy walled garden

Chesil Visitors Centre: The DWT Visitors Centre at Ferrybridge

DWT Hq: The DWT headquarters at Brooklands Farm

Slepe Farm: Slepe Farm was the local office of Natural England. It has since closed.

Charlestown Church: The meeting room at the church in Charlestown

Portland Port: The conference room at the Portland Port offices

DIHE: The Dorset Institute for Higher education, which later became Weymouth College

County Hall: Dorset County Council offices in Dorchester

Our thanks to all of these organisations for allowing us to use their facilities for our meetings.