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The Fleet Study Group maintain an archive of published material pertaining to the study area. The archive is in two parts. The physical archive is held in the reference section of the library at Weymouth College while the database of published material can be found on this website. Although the library at Weymouth College is primarily intended for use by the students, it is also open to the general public. When visiting let the librarian on duty know that you have come to look at the Fleet Study Group Archive. A lot of the archive contents have been included in the College’s own catalogue and this can be accessed via their Online Catalogue

The database is held as an Endnote bibliographic database and this can be downloaded from the link below. Note that to make use of this Endnote database you must have the Endnote or Endnote-compatible software. The database has been downloaded into an EXCEL spreadsheet and this is also available by using the links below.

The FSG archive at Weymouth College

The EXCEL version of the database is available either in alphabetical order of authors or in order of filing

The Endnote database contains more information than the EXCEL versions and is a large file. It will be available here soon.

Authors Filing

The archive has now been removed at the request of Weymouth College Library. The archive is being re-indexed and its future location is under review.