Fleet Study Group


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The Fleet Study Group is a voluntary organisation based in Dorset, UK, that brings together scientists, ecologists and others with an interest in the Fleet Lagoon, Chesil Beach and Hamm Beach (the study area). This area includes the Chesil and Fleet Special area of Conservation (SAC).

The area is very varied with a saline lagoon, a shingle beach, a sandy beach, salt meadows, eel grass beds and a varied underlying geology. The area is located on the coast of central southern Dorset on the south coast of the UK.

Location of study area

The group typically has 15-20 members and we meet three times a year at a variety of locations around the study area. Membership is by invitation. Visit the About page for more information about the group.

The study area looking NNW from the top of Portland. Chesil Beach stretches 18 miles into the distance curving westward to end at West Bay